New increased visa fees were set to be implemented on October 2nd, 2020, but has been blocked by the U.S. District Court of Columbia. Judge Moss issued his ruling this past Thursday, October 8th, issuing an injunction to stop the implementation of the new fees.

Immigrant assistance groups argued that the increase will significantly harm them if it succeeds, and Judge Moss agreed with this in his ruling. Judge Moss also found that the Homeland Security Secretary had acted beyond his authority when he approved the visa fee increase in July. This decision is similar to that of Judge White, the judge of the U.S. District Court in Northern California. Judge Moss has ordered the increase reversed entirely. USCIS has argued that this decision leaves them massively underfunded.

The new law was set to increase fees by an average of 20%, making it very difficult for many immigrants to pay. And that was precisely the argument used by those opposing the fee increase, and the thought echoed by Judge Moss.