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When To Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Most people involved in auto accidents don’t think to hire a lawyer. Right after an accident, it’s difficult to assess the seriousness of any injuries, especially with adrenaline pumping so high. Combine that with insurance companies often calling and collecting information regarding the accident and any injuries, assuring the injured party that everything will be taken care of. This usually leaves the injured party frustrated, when their claim is settled before they receive all of the treatment they need. But nothing can be done about it, because the claim has been settled. 

The best way for a victim injured through an accident to protect themselves is to call an attorney before settling any claims. At Hassuneh Law Firm, we’re here to help!

When To File An Injury Claim

Indiana law places a time limit on how long an accident victim must pursue a claim against the individual who caused the accident and their injuries. This time limit, or statute of limitations, is generally set at two years. This means that an injured person has two years from the date of the accident to file a claim. The time-limit normally begins on the day of the accident and once it expires, you will lose your right to have a court hear your case.

This statute of limitations is also observed in Chicago, Illinois as well.

Building a Successful Case

For a large number of people, one of the first calls they receive upon leaving the hospital comes from an insurance company. They say they are here to help you get compensation for your accident. However, their efforts normally fall short and are set up to block your ability to sue them. Once a settlement has been signed, there is no going back to alter it. It is vital that you contact an experienced lawyer right away.

Immediately after your accident:

  • Obtain pictures, witness statements, and police reports if possible
  • Get the care you require from a trusted doctor
  • Try to delay talking to an insurance company to prevent them from misusing your statement
  • Do not post information regarding your accident on any social media platforms.
  • Contact a lawyer at Hassuneh Law Firm ready to hear your case.

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