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When making significant decisions about the future, it is important to partner with the right lawyer. At Hassuneh Law Firm, we understand each situation is unique. We are committed to offering a strategic approach tailored to your specific goals.

Our clients range from individuals and families to businesses and agencies. We work closely with our clients to understand your individual goals. Our personal commitment and understanding of our clients’ needs allows us to build trusted long-term partnerships. With this solid foundation, we are able to provide thorough and preventative legal counsel before anticipated problems become expensive issues.

Whether you are immigrating to the US, creating a business, or suffering from an accident, the attorneys at Hassuneh Law Firm are your advocates. We deliver advice and decisions based on integrity, knowledge, and compassion. We operate with a level of diligence and focus that produces results for our clients and our manageable fee structures ensure affordable access to our services. Let us partner with you.


Our Services:

Personal Injury Law

Business Law

Immigration Law


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