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The area of immigration law is vast, within each level of relief there is a sublevel that qualify majority of immigrants to obtain legal status. Our office eases the immigrant’s confusion on whether or not he or she qualifies for relief.

We cater to both family and employment based immigration relief. Majority of immigrants in the United States seek legal status through family based immigration relief.  

Family based immigration relief grants immediate family members who have legal status in the United States to extend their status to other family members. This category of relief includes adjustment of status, petitions for relatives overseas, naturalization, and much more.

Employment based immigration relief allows employers to seek immigrant workers to assist in the employers seasonal need. It also allows immigrants to invest in the United States economic powerhouse. Most investments allow the immigrant to gain permanent residency later turning into naturalization.

Our office also specializes in nonimmigrant visas, which include the following:

  • Student visas

  • Fiancé visas

  • Visitor visas

  • Temporary workers visas

Our attorneys are trained to handle all aspects of immigration matters. This training extends to deportation defense as well as consular processing. We are here to assist you and to eliminate the frustration in the process.